Students Walk for Water

Chair and organizer Jim Goodrich

P1020275World Water Day was on March 22nd. For this occasions, Groveland Rotary Club teamed with the three schools in our local school district to raise money for a WASH-in-Schools project in the Niger River Delta region of Nigeria. Villages, in this primarily Christian region of southern Nigeria, are remote and have limited access to clean, safe drinking water. For lack of proper sanitation facilities, school kids often resort to open defecation to relieve themselves. For lack of proper sanitation and hygiene facilities, girls often drop out of school upon reaching puberty. A cross section of the pupils revealed skin and scalp fungal infections, as well as lice infections.
We selected as our project the Hussey Senior Secondary School (equivalent to a middle schools) near Warri, Nigeria. The project will consist of composting type vault toilets and a new water well and storage tank to supply clean drinking water at the school. The cost of the project is about $25,000 and will serve about 850 students (650 boys and 200 girls). Our kids raised over $2,000 in pledges during their Walk for Water held on March 14th, 15th and 16th. Groveland Rotary will contribute $2,000. These funds will be matched by Proctor & Gamble ($15,000), H2O for Life ($4,000), and a Nigerian Rotary Club ($1,000). The project will be constructed over the summer recess and will be on line when the children return to school in the fall.



Field trip for the Tenaya eight grade boys

photo 2The field trip for the Tenaya eighth grade boys was to the Groveland Ranger Station in Buck Meadows where they attended a lecture by the forest rangers, toured the facility, took a nature walk, and explored a fire engine. The field trip concluded with a hamburger BBQ prepared by Groveland Rotarians



photo 3photo 1

Text and photos by Barrett Giorgis

The Best Day!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 7.16.32 AMThe BEST Day

Submitted by Cory Swank

The Groveland Rotary Club was proud to host the 2016 BEST Day event February 9th at the PML Lake Lodge. BEST Day was a longstanding Soroptomist Club tradition in the Groveland area that the Rotary took over for 2016. The theme for 2016 was “Keep the Love in Your Heart”. 29 eighth grade girls from the local area participated in this positive event for youth focusing on compassion, respect, tolerance and love of all kinds. Especially popular with the girls were the workshops (including the avocado facials, pictured).

While the girls participated in BEST day, the eighth grade boys attended a lecture put on by the Forest Service at the Groveland Ranger Station in Buck Meadows. The boys toured the facility, took a nature walk, and explored a fire engine. The field trip concluded with a hamburger BBQ prepared by Groveland Rotarians.

The Groveland Rotary would like to thank the participants, the volunteers and presenters for an excellent day. For more information about Rotary and volunteer opportunities, contact Cory Swank at 436-1800. Remember, above all, to “Keep the Love in Your Heart.”

Red White and Blue Ball

As allways the 2016 Groveland Rotary Red White and Blue Ball was a huge success. The evening was a complete sell out.       See photos below.


photos by Rudy Manzo

Dale Mueller’s B52 Follow Up Presentation



During our meeting of Tuesday, February 2, Dave Mueller presented us with a follow up on his previous B52 presentation. (see Archives August 2015). This time his talk was accompanied by several pictures and videos. It is amazing what this airplane can do. For detailed B52 information click Wikipedia. Thank you Dale for this very informative follow up on you previous presentation.

More “Dale” picturesimages



                                                     B52 in full flight


Text by Herman Schaap

John Sterling from GCSD talked about rates

John Sterling delivering his speech.

John Sterling delivering his speech.

During our regular meeting on Tuesday, January 5, our guest speaker was John Sterling, General Manager of the Groveland Community Service District. The main topic of the talk was the increase of Groveland’s water rate. Not an easy topic!  Any proposed increase is always a difficult issue to talk about. John however managed to explain the necessity of this controversial plan. He talked about the sewer system. This system is many years old and is in dire need of a major overhaul. The water system needs improvement and on top of that the GCSD’s pension and benefit plans need to be funded and a host of other expenses. The need for more income is apparent. Read here for more information about this proposal. John also talked about the water conservation and what we can do about it. All the information can be found on the GCSD website.      Thank you John Sterling for this very informative talk.
Text and Photo by Herman Schaap