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The   Groveland Rotary Club was chartered on March 19 1990.
 Our first President was Betty Fries.
 The Groveland Rotary Club is known for their many Local and International projects.
 Some of these projects are: Our yearly awards of three Scholarships,
 support for the needy in Guatemala called Amigos de Guatemala, 
Dictionaries for our third graders, and the list goes on. Feel free to call our 2017-2018 President Greg Cramblit at 962-0607,
with any question you may have about the Groveland Rotary and its projects.


Welcome to the Groveland Rotary Club!

While Rotary is an international organization with common global causes, like the eradication of polio, each club is unique and we hope you will be pleasantly surprised to find out what our club is all about.

Our Club is Different…

Our Rotary club has found some unique and fun ways to hold fundraisers throughout the year. For the last several years we have hosted a large community shrimp feed, hosted a Red, White & Blue Ball honoring our veterans, and this year will be assisting in a Walk for Water event focused on Water and Sanitation in the developing world. We typically ask our members to pick up at least one shift per event and/or participate financially in the fundraiser as well. It is easy to try different support roles until you find the one that is right for you.

Our Club is about our Youth & Service…

We pride ourselves on being an active service club. The motto of Rotary is Service Above Self after all. One event we are proud of is our Rotary at Work Day program. This is a program in which we have done various service projects around town including removing trash from Highway 120, cutting firewood for those in need, providing much needed support for the Little House, and many other projects. We must also mention that we are a club very focused on the development of our area youth. We do this through several programs you will hear about such as RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy), our shoe project, our speech contest, and our scholarship programs.

Our Club is Social

When there are five Tuesdays in a month we try to have a special social event where Rotarians, spouses and guests are invited to find out more about Rotary both locally and abroad while enjoying the fellowship of the club. This is something you don’t want to miss, and we strongly suggest attending at least one in your first six months as a member.

New to Rotary meetings?

The biggest part is just showing up. Your attendance is crucial to the health of the club. Further, you will enjoy a variety of speakers at our weekly meetings that represent a variety of organizations. If you have someone that you think might be a good speaker, discuss it over with your mentor. We would also like you to tell us about your history and how you made your way to the club. It takes the entire club to keep the meetings fresh and interesting.

Curious how to get started?

First, make sure to introduce yourself, or have your mentor introduce you, to everyone. Next, ask your mentor for volunteer and service opportunities. Try to get out and try your hand at each of the different programs we have. If you have connections with others you think might be a good fit, consider our membership committee. If you have a background in fundraising, try out our fundraising committee. If you have a connection to the schools, try youth services. Interested in our International Projects? We have a committee for that too. We thrive on new ideas and member support. We chose you because we think you will be a good fit for our club and we encourage you to be an active, passionate, and informed Rotarian. We look forward to working with you. Welcome!

                             The History of Groveland Rotary

                                 researched and written by  Patricia Whitley

My name is Patricia (Tricia) Whitley and I have been a Rotarian since August 2011. I joined because I wanted to be a part of a group of folks who help others less fortunate themselves and also have fun doing it. Next year will be the 25th anniversary of the club, and I thought I should write an article about the history of the club. The club was sponsored by the Sonora 49ers club in 1989 and someone was tasked with getting it set up. That someone was unable to complete that task so it was taken up by Betty Fries, Betty Fries-1who was a Realtor in Groveland at that time. Yes, a woman, only 1 year after women were allowed to join Rotary. She attended a PETS session to find out all she could about Rotary before taking on the task. She recruited the realtors working out of her office amongst others. Our charter was granted in February 1990. We had 37 charter members at that time.


Betty Fries




President…………………Betty Fries
President Elect…………    John Vass
Vice-President…………… Billy Johnson, Jr.
Secretary…………………  Lea Elliot
Treasurer…………………  Ken Lancaster

1990 DIRECTORS Chuck Adams, Joyce Crisco, Lou Gravino, Pam Perdew, Lorilei Pinley and Maria Rector

1990 CHARTER MEMBERS Chuck Adams, Phil Anderson, Robert W Boysen, Phillip Cartwright, Joyce Chrisco, Lea Elliot,Frank Etchison, Betty Fries, Richard Fries, Alice Gravino, Louis Gravino, Billy Johnson, Billy Johnson Jr,Del Kennedy, Tommy Kinard, Ken Lancaster, Tim Lockhart, Virginia Macy, Wayne McAllister, Jay Michaud, Kathryn Michaud, Brenda Miller, Marilyn Paul, Pamela Perdew, Lorelei Pinley , Maria Rector,James Roberts, Anne Schurman, Art Schurman, John Spindler, Mark Steichen, Jerry Thompson,John Vass, Liliana Vass, Douglas West, Lewis West, and Vicki West .  

Richard Fries-1I’m sure some of our more senior members remember/know some of these folks. (Richard Fries is of course still a valued active member of this club, and is almost singlehandedly responsible for the Annual Easter Egg hunt, a community activity for the local kids started not long after our inception, and RYLA.)

The club was 50% women at that time. One of our members Joyce Chrisco Barton was married to Jerry Barton the DG at that time.Betty and the club experienced major growing pains in her year as President but she soldiered on and here we are today.In 1999 we were down to 12 members. But we have gained traction over the years and now we are at 24!  Not bad considering we are one of 4 service clubs in Groveland , not to mention many charity minded clubs and associations, all recruiting members from the same small pool of service minded folks.

Our meetings started out as lunch meetings at the PML Grill, then it was moved to the Iron Door, then on to the Coffee shop next door where it became a breakfast meeting under the presidency of Richard Fries. This was done as the membership had decreased to 12 and we needed to be able to keep the remaining folks who had businesses in Sonora. It worked, then we went back to lunches at the Charlotte Hotel, then off to the PML Grill again, then on to the Charlotte Hotel for a while and back to the PML Grill where we meet today. I’ve probably missed some other places and if you remember any please let Herman, (our Webmaster) at grovelandrotaryclub@gmail.com, know.

A lot has changed in the 25 yrs this club has been in existence. Rotary administrative tasks have moved from being paper intensive for reports on membership, awards, project funding, grants , newsletters, communications to all members, to the use of emails, updatable databases, online applications for grants and so on. Rotary has kept pace with the world around it.

Click for the monthly message of the President of Rotary International

Past Presidents

Betty Fries           1990-1991         Jack Jenkins          2000-2001       Rudy Manzo          2010-2011
John Vass            1991-1992         John Brunk             2001-2002       Randy Burke         2011-2012
Doug West           1992-1993         Bruce Rossio          2002-2003       Barry Scales          2012-2013
Chuck Adams     1993-1994         Jim Thayer             2003-2004       Charles Fields       2013-2014
Carolyn McCall   1994-1995        Wayne Sousa         2004-2005       Wayne Phillips      2014-2015
Michell Phillips   1995-1996        Ron Sharp               2005-2006      Rudy Manzo            2015-2016
Richard Fries       1996-1997        Herman Schaap    2006-2007       Sharon Hunt           2016-2017
Barbara Broad    1997-1998        Jim Goodrich         2007-2008      Greg Cramblit         2017-2018
David White         1998-1999         Venus Colombini 2008-2009
Don Sheridan      1999-2000        Jim Goodrich         2009-2010

We are a small club and are proud to have contributed in no small part to the Rotary ideals of Service Above Self in many areas, both domestically and internationally.

There are links on the Home Page to a list of all of our current projects, both international and local.

I am happy to be a part of a club that has had its ups and downs and has come out as a cohesive bunch of likeminded folks who are here to assist those with needs, in our community and around the world, with smiles on our faces!


 Some of our Projects:

  • Dictionaries giving to the Third Graders








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