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Groveland Rotary Making a Difference

c7d2_172172During the past couple of years one of our members, David [Stilts] Valponi, wearing his stilts, they are at least five feet long , as he dresses like  “Uncle Sam” and travels through the crowds at the local “ 49 er Festival” and the Coulterville Coyote Howl with his bucket and poster sign collecting donations for the Groveland Rotary Shoes for needy Children in the Groveland and Big Oak Flat School District that encompasses Tioga High , Tenaya Elementary, Greeley Hill Elementary and Don Pedro Elementary Schools. Because of his and other member’s involvement, we were able to donate, a $100 Gift Card from a local shoe store in Sonora  to each School, with more to come as needed!

Thank you David for helping on this so worthwhile cause!

shoes for kids (2)

From left to right Sharon Hunt, Club Secretary,   Greg Cramblit, Club President,   David Valponi, Member,   Donald Felts, Vice President and Wynette Hilton, School District President

Submitted by Ron Smith




A message from our Club President Greg Crambilt

Greg Cramblit, President

Greg Crambilt


Rotary International is truly international with over 35,000 clubs and 1.2 million passionate members worldwide. The Groveland Rotary Club is small (20-30 members) but is very mighty. Internationally, we contribute the fight to eradicate polio, water projects in Africa and Mexico, Alliance for Smiles, Hope Haven Wheelchairs, and the education of Guatemalan students. Locally, we contribute to, or run too many projects to list here but the main projects are firewood for the needy to heat their homes, Wellness Fair, Easter Egg Hunt, college scholarships, Shoes for Students, and free dictionaries for 3rd graders in Greeley Hill, Groveland, and Don Pedro. We are always open to new members (young and old-male or female) to help us with our many projects. If you think you might like to give back, please join us for lunch (12:15) at The Pine Mountain lake Grill on any of the first four Tuesdays of the month. You can also pick up a brochure at the entrance of The Grill at anytime.

Respectfully, Greg Crambilt
Groveland Rotary President

2018 Speech Contest


Text and Photo by Herman Schaap

On Tuesday January 23 2018, The Groveland Rotary Club held their annual Speech Contest for Students of the Tioga High School. This year we had 3 contestants, Summer Avery, Grace Martinez and Aileen Martinez.

This year’s theme was “MAKING A DIFFERENCE” as it is the Slogan of this year’s Rotary International President.

The contest was judged by the following criteria: Meaningful inclusion of Rotary in the speech, Quality of thought, Organization of thought, Vocal delivery, Physical delivery, Overall effectiveness and Length of speech.

The judges Jim Goodrich, Don Felts and Herman Schaap had a difficult time to select the winner and follow ups. Their scores were very close.

The results are,

First Place,          Summer Avery
Second Place,    Grace Lloyd
Third place,        Aileen Martinez

The Groveland Rotary thanks all of our contestants for their time and effort.
A job well done!

IMG_1140 2

The contestants from left to right: Grace Lloyd, Summer Avery and Aileen Martinez