Monthly Archives: March 2016

Students Walk for Water

Chair and organizer Jim Goodrich

P1020275World Water Day was on March 22nd. For this occasions, Groveland Rotary Club teamed with the three schools in our local school district to raise money for a WASH-in-Schools project in the Niger River Delta region of Nigeria. Villages, in this primarily Christian region of southern Nigeria, are remote and have limited access to clean, safe drinking water. For lack of proper sanitation facilities, school kids often resort to open defecation to relieve themselves. For lack of proper sanitation and hygiene facilities, girls often drop out of school upon reaching puberty. A cross section of the pupils revealed skin and scalp fungal infections, as well as lice infections.
We selected as our project the Hussey Senior Secondary School (equivalent to a middle schools) near Warri, Nigeria. The project will consist of composting type vault toilets and a new water well and storage tank to supply clean drinking water at the school. The cost of the project is about $25,000 and will serve about 850 students (650 boys and 200 girls). Our kids raised over $2,000 in pledges during their Walk for Water held on March 14th, 15th and 16th. Groveland Rotary will contribute $2,000. These funds will be matched by Proctor & Gamble ($15,000), H2O for Life ($4,000), and a Nigerian Rotary Club ($1,000). The project will be constructed over the summer recess and will be on line when the children return to school in the fall.