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We had a “mystery” speaker!

Sharon Hunt, Secretary

Sharon Hunt,
President Elect

Our Tuesday November 3, 2015 meeting was conducted by President elect Sharon Hunt, taking the place of President Rudy Manzo, who was out of town. Sharon announced a mystery quest speaker for the day’s meeting. After lunch and the regular bussiness discussions Sharon went to the restaurant entrance to invite the speaker. She reappeared alone and introduced herself as the guest. Pretty funny! Sharon talked about her life story which is pretty interesting. Sharon had a catholic upbringing and went to parochial school conducted by Nuns. She also mentioned that movie star Mary Tyler Moore was her class mate. Sharon went to Saint Mary’s college in Los Angeles and became a teacher. After a year or so she decided to take a change in course and went to Japan to be a teacher for the  Air force. Coming back from Japan she met her husband Jim and they married. Besides being a teacher Jim also was a pilot and had his own airplane. Sharon and Jim flew all around Alaska and ran into some “hairy” situations. Sharon and Jim had four Daughters who like Sharon, belonged to the Girl Scouts. Sharon had many leading positions with the girl scout organization and is still active. Jim, who also was a Rotarian, passed away a few years ago. We deeply miss him.

Thank you Sharon for all you do for our club!

President Elect Sharon Hunt, telling her "life story"

President Elect Sharon Hunt, telling her “life story”

Article and photos by Herman Schaap