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Dale Mueller’s B52 presentation

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.12.55 AMDale Mueller was our speaker on Tuesday, August 25 2015. Dale is a former B52 pilot. He was born in Jennings Missouri and resides here in Pine Mountain Lake during the past 3 years.  Dave had an early interest in flying and his military and civilian pilot careers show it. Dale has a B.S. degree in Biology from the U.S.Air Force Academy and many pilot ratings, like Flight Engineer, Flight Instructor and Airline transport Pilot. During his Air Force career Dale flew the B52 bomber and that was the topic of his talk. Dale talked about the enormity and complexity of the aircraft and how the crew was positioned in the different airplane locations, like the Navigator sitting in the bottom of the B52. He indicated that in case of an emergency the Navigator needs to eject downwards which is not  quit a safe way to leave the aircraft. Dale discussed many more interesting facts about the B52. Dale is now a Helicopter pilot at Mercy Air/Air Methods Corp.

Thank you Dale for a very interesting and informative presentation.


Dale Mueller presenting his program

Dale Mueller presenting his program


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 Dale Mueller then and……………………………!

B-52 Flight,  Enjoy.

Article by Herman Schaap