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Rotary District Governor visits Groveland

by Rudy Manzo, July 19, 2015

55a7d8d2c3c4b.imageDISTRICT 5220 Governor Ellen Hancock made Groveland her first club visit to start off her term in office. The day started off early with a one on one meeting with Club President Rudy Manzo. Bruce Rossio joined them and after coffee he took Howard Hancock off on a tour of the Groveland area. Rudy and Ellen continued their discussion on club matters.
After they had finished Ellen and Rudy proceeded to the Grill for a meeting with the Groveland Rotary Board of Directors. Those involved with the various avenues of service reported on their respective accomplishments and plans for the new Rotary year. President Manzo gave the Governor an overview of what the club has planned for the year and how they intend to reach the goals that they have set for themselves. The Governor then gave the club her address on what she expects the District 5220 clubs to accomplish during the coming year. She was pleased that the Groveland Rotary Club has already attained the high level of membership giving to the Rotary Foundation and that every member is contributing under the Every Rotarian Every Year program.
After the Board meeting Ellen and her husband Howard were treated to a tasty lunch at the Grill. Following lunch she presented Paul Harris pins to those moving up a level. The second level pin was presented to Herman Schaap and the third level pin went to Jim Thayer.
The Gift of the World Award was presented to Jerry Lynn much to his surprise and the Silent Rotarian Award was presented to Carole Smith and she also was completely surprised receiving the award. Governor Hancock made a presentation to the club in which she stated that she was very impressed with what the club has done in the past and looking forward to what 2015-2016 will bring. The Governor spoke about the “What do you do with an idea” book that recently came on the market and she hopes that we will be able to bring these books to the local High School as well as the grade school to stimulate  the thinking process of the students.
The meeting ended on a high note with everyone giving Governor Ellen Hancock and husband Howard a standing ovation

President Manzo reporting to Governor Hancock

President Manzo reporting to Governor Hancock

photos by Rudy Manzo and Herman Schaap



President Wayne Phillips kicked out.

by Herman Schaap, June 30 2015

Wayne Phillips, 2014-2015 President

Wayne Phillips,
2014-2015 President

Tuesday night, June 30, 2015, Wayne Phillips was kicked out as the 2014-2015 Groveland Rotary Club President. As is customary in our club, the departing President is roasted by many club members. This year was no exeption. Randy Burke was the M.C. and he made sure that many Rotarians had the change to really tell Wayne what they thought about him. It started with a roast by his wife Bonnie Phillips. She told some stories, “good and bad” about Wayne that most members did not know. All in good fun of course. Many speakers followed   and during the process Wayne was dressed with items that somehow made a connection with his past. It was a great evening with lots of fun and memories.

Thank you Wayne for a job well done, and welcome to our 2015-2016 President, Rudy Manzo

Bonnie Phillips giving Wane the "Once Over"

Bonnie Phillips giving Wayne the “Once Over”

More “kick out party” pictures