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Groveland Rotary has a new member.


by Herman Schaap, April 14 2015

During the April 14, 2015, weekly meeting President Wayne Phillips inducted a new member,  Paul Ingvaldsen . Paul recently moved from New Port Beach CA, where he was a member of the local Sunrise Rotary Club,  to Pine Mountain Lake where he resides full time now. Paul has a BS degree in Biology and taught High School for many years. After his  teaching carrier he became a free lance Journalist and he is still working in that field. Paul strongly believes in “Service Above Self”  We welcome Paul as our newest member!




Groveland Rotary Wellness Fair

Rudy taking a blood sugar test

Rudy taking a blood sugar test

This year the Groveland Rotary Club co-sponsored the Wellness Fair with the Groveland Soroptimist Club, held in the Tenaya Elementary School Gymnasium. There were a total of 39 vendors. The Fair opened at 8:00AM. The busiest site at opening was the blood draw area. Since it required fasting for this procedure, everyone wanted to get this done early and get the morning snack after they were finished. It was amazing how fast the cookies, orange slices and strawberries were being eaten.

Even though the attendance seemed to be lighter than in previous years, the attendees were happy with the event as they got more time to spend with the vendors. In turn, the vendors state that they had more time to spend with each individual. They also stated that the attendance at the various Wellness Fairs has been down. They are not certain what this can be attributed to.

All in all the event was a big success A re-cap meeting will be held to review what went on and a determination will be made as to how it will be handled next year. This could be a win,win situation for both organizations. If handled correctly it would give the two clubs great local identity and possibly help in getting new members for the clubs.


Wayne and Faye Buckley in the  Kitchen

Jim Goodrich taking Advantage of a massage

Photos and article by Rudy Manzo