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Rotary District 5220, Area Speech Contest.

by Herman Schaap, February 28 2015

Our Groveland Rotary Speech Contest winner Kayla Eckhart competed in the District Area contest with three other speakers. The event was held in the Supervisors Chamber in Sonora on February 28, 2015. This contest was chaired by Jim O’Neil from the Sonora Rotary Club. Jim did an outstanding Job organizing the event and He will do so again next year. Thank you Jim!
The jury consisted out of 3 individuals with various backgrounds. Kayla was the number 4 contestant to deliver her speech. She did an excellent job, like her Club level performance. Kayla ended up in second place. Congratulations Kayla Eckhart, the Groveland Rotary Club is proud of you.


Jim O’Neil Area Contest Chair                               The Judges


Support !!                                                                       Are we ready ?


Kayla with Youth Chair, Herman Schaap          Kayla with her Mom

All four Contestants.

Photos by Rudy Manzo