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We have a new member!

IMG_1719During our weekly meeting on December 8, 2015 Past President Wayne Phillips, taking the place of President Rudy Manzo installed Jess Skelley as our newest member. Jess grew up in San Francisco. He has been an insurance broker since 1965. He owns Commercial Business Insurance Agency Inc. with 3 partners. Their office is in Antioch but he works out of his home in PML. Jess moved to PML with his wife Teri and son Josh in June of 2014. Jess is a coach for the Tioga HS Basketball team and runs the Open Gym Basketball on Thursday nights.

We welcome Jess as our newest Rotarian and look forward to his becoming involved in some of our Rotary Projects.

Text and Photo by Herman Schaap


We had a “mystery” speaker!

Sharon Hunt, Secretary

Sharon Hunt,
President Elect

Our Tuesday November 3, 2015 meeting was conducted by President elect Sharon Hunt, taking the place of President Rudy Manzo, who was out of town. Sharon announced a mystery quest speaker for the day’s meeting. After lunch and the regular bussiness discussions Sharon went to the restaurant entrance to invite the speaker. She reappeared alone and introduced herself as the guest. Pretty funny! Sharon talked about her life story which is pretty interesting. Sharon had a catholic upbringing and went to parochial school conducted by Nuns. She also mentioned that movie star Mary Tyler Moore was her class mate. Sharon went to Saint Mary’s college in Los Angeles and became a teacher. After a year or so she decided to take a change in course and went to Japan to be a teacher for the  Air force. Coming back from Japan she met her husband Jim and they married. Besides being a teacher Jim also was a pilot and had his own airplane. Sharon and Jim flew all around Alaska and ran into some “hairy” situations. Sharon and Jim had four Daughters who like Sharon, belonged to the Girl Scouts. Sharon had many leading positions with the girl scout organization and is still active. Jim, who also was a Rotarian, passed away a few years ago. We deeply miss him.

Thank you Sharon for all you do for our club!

President Elect Sharon Hunt, telling her "life story"

President Elect Sharon Hunt, telling her “life story”

Article and photos by Herman Schaap


Groveland Rotary’s “5th” Tuesday social

The 5th Tuesday of a month is designated by the Groveland Rotary club as a Tuesday night social. This instead of the regular Tuesday meetings @ 12:15 PM. The mixer was hosted by Rotarian Greg Cramblit and his partner Pam, at their house. They truly did an excellent job. Greg and Pam not only hosted the affair but also prepared and served a terrific Tri-Tip  dinner. Thank you Greg and Pam for hosting this social once more. We also celebrated three birthdays, Rotarians Barry Scales, Greg Seals and Paul Ingvaldsen. A three candle cake was prepared for them and of course they were asked to blow them out. Needless to say these candles were rigged and stayed lit. This was a great evening and a splendid  way to interact with each other besides the regular weekly meetings.
Thanks to all the Rotarians that brought delicious side dishes.


The birthday boys working hard to extinquish the candles

The birthday boys working hard to extinguish the candles

Article and photos by Herman Schaap

California Fire victims

650x366_09161830_screen-shot-2015-09-16-at-2.30.07-pmTHANK YOU to Rotarians, family members, and friends who are asking to make donations for fire victims in our district and in California.  Clubs and individual Rotarians can send their checks payable to the District Disaster Relief Corporation 501c3, then, mail it c/o District Treasurer, JC Curtis, P.O. Box 4689, Modesto, CA 95352. Please include a memo or note indicating that you want your funds to go to the California Fire victims. Contributions by individuals are tax-deductible. The Relief Corporation Board of Trustees decides which Rotary Club(s) in the affected area(s) receives the funds to assist people in their local area.

Jerry Lynn receives an award

Article and photo by Rudy Manzo

Those who join Rotary do it for a few reasons. First they enjoy helping others and believe in the creed “ Service Above Self”. Second, they look forward to involvement in Rotary projects. Third, they enjoy the comradery which comes with the Tuesday lunch meeting. Jerry Lynn is one of those Rotarians that falls into this grouping. When we have projects underway in the club which require wood working talents he is the first person that is called upon for help on how to handle the issue at hand. He then steps in and without hesitation gets the job done. These are just some of the projects that he has put his foot-print on: The sign in front of the Little House, 2 benches in the center of town by Sugar Pine Realty, bench at the Groveland Jail. There are more projects coming up and we know that we can count on him to take on the tasks. In order to show our appreciation to Jerry, he was awarded the Club President’s Citation celebrating his woodworking projects. We thank Jerry for sharing the Gift that he has been given to complete projects that benefit the community.
We need more Rotarians like Jerry and if are interested in seeing what Rotary is about, we invite you to attend our Tuesday Lunch Meeting at the Grill. Meetings begin at 12:15 sharp. If you would like to have information prior to attending a meeting, please contact Rudy Manzo-President at 209 962-1854 or Cory Swank- Membership Chairman at 209 436-1808

Jerry Lynn receiving his award.

Jerry Lynn receiving his award from President Rudy Manzo

Dale Mueller’s B52 presentation

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 9.12.55 AMDale Mueller was our speaker on Tuesday, August 25 2015. Dale is a former B52 pilot. He was born in Jennings Missouri and resides here in Pine Mountain Lake during the past 3 years.  Dave had an early interest in flying and his military and civilian pilot careers show it. Dale has a B.S. degree in Biology from the U.S.Air Force Academy and many pilot ratings, like Flight Engineer, Flight Instructor and Airline transport Pilot. During his Air Force career Dale flew the B52 bomber and that was the topic of his talk. Dale talked about the enormity and complexity of the aircraft and how the crew was positioned in the different airplane locations, like the Navigator sitting in the bottom of the B52. He indicated that in case of an emergency the Navigator needs to eject downwards which is not  quit a safe way to leave the aircraft. Dale discussed many more interesting facts about the B52. Dale is now a Helicopter pilot at Mercy Air/Air Methods Corp.

Thank you Dale for a very interesting and informative presentation.


Dale Mueller presenting his program

Dale Mueller presenting his program


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.34.19 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.33.56 PM

 Dale Mueller then and……………………………!

B-52 Flight,  Enjoy.

Article by Herman Schaap