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Groveland Rotary provided dictionaries for the 3rd graders

Herman Schaap and Randy Burke delivered dictionaries to Tenaya Elementary School’s 3rd graders. This event, like all previous years , was a huge success.
The Children were not informed ahead of this occasion. Needless to say it was a big surprise. Randy and Herman got all the kid’s attention. After the handout the students were put to the test. With the help of their teacher, Mrs Smith,  they were asked to find the word Rotary and Polio in their books. After a few minutes many hands went up. They found it! It is good to know that Children still have an interest in “opening books”

Dick Davis was our photographer and as you can see, He did an excellent job.

Thank you Dick Davis!




Groveland Rotary Challenges “Shoeless”

Groveland Rotary Club Challenges “Shoeless”

It was recently discovered that there were some children at the Tenaya Elementary School that were wearing badly tattered shoes or thongs to school and could not get good shoes to wear due to economic problems. Our own Rotarians, Herman Schaap and Cory Swank, heard about this and immediately went to action to develop a program that would enable our club to provide shoes for those who needed them. They contacted some of the local stores that carry footwear and were able to get vouchers which could be given to the children and enable them to get the shoes that they need.

Other members volunteered to help with the program and money was raised to fund a “shoe purchase bank”.  The funds have now made this a sustainable program. The school is in charge of determining the Children in need of footwear and issues the vouchers accordingly. Those who had sad faces because they had less than adequate footwear, now have smiles as they are wearing new shoes. The program has been successful at the try out  period and will now be expanded to include Don Pedro Elementary School and Tioga High School.  Financial constraints have no limits and Rotarians want to make certain that those who need footwear can have it.

Should you have a desire to help with this program or learn more about Rotary to possibly become a member, please contact Cory Swank at (209) 436-1800.

Deputy Donaldson visits the Groveland Rotary

Deputy Richard Donaldson visited the Groveland Rotary at our weekly meeting to talk about his duties and experiences in the Groveland area. Richard moved from Northern California to Tuolumne County about 6 month ago to accept his position as a deputy for the Groveland Area. Deputy Donaldson lives in Sonora and commutes every day to Groveland to protect our citizens.

The topic of his speech was to protect yourself from all kinds of violations that occur everywhere, even Groveland is not immune. Some of the issues Deputy Donaldson talked about are:

– Passage of Prop 47 is likely to cause an uptick in property crimes. Leaving cars and houses unlocked is inviting a problem.
– Heroin addiction is now a large drug issue in Tuolumne County.
– Current scams include:
o Someone calling posing as an IRS Agent, a utility bill collector or even a Sherriff asking for money for back taxes, an overdue bill, or bail for a loved one respectively. Never give out any bank information on the phone without vetting the situation.
o The use of “Green Dot Money Cards” and Western Union as untraceable methods of sending money. Once you send the money it is unrecoverable. Don’t fall victim to this scam!
o Mail, E-Mail and phone fraud for bogus lottery winnings/inheritance winnings
o Craigslist; people robbing you when you meet them to transact, especially for big ticket items.
– Tips to help yourself; lock your doors, know your neighbors, don’t be afraid to call the police, if a deal is too good to be true it probably is, keep a record of Serial Numbers and Model Numbers to be used in Stolen Goods Recovery.

                             Thank you Deputy Donaldson for sharing this great information

Deputy Donaldson can be reached at 209 962-6974

The Sheriff’s office is located at   12720 Par Court, Groveland, CA 95321

photo-2Deputy Richard Donaldson delivering his presentation