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Mike Scuro presented Apolo14 recovery

Rotary Speacker- LCDR Michael N.Scuro  USNR- Apollo 14

By Rudy Manzo

Lt.Cmdr. Michael Scuro is no stranger to many of us here in PML. Now that he is retired he and his wife Judy spend the summer here and ten return to their home in Palm  Springs.
His introduction to aviation came through building model airplanes with the guidance of his father. He participated in model airplane competitions around the Country and that led him to several National awards.

During his college days he was in the Naval ROTC and upon his graduation he received his commission as Ensign, UNSR and then went on to flight school in Pensacola, Florida. He received his helicopter flying wings in 1968. Michael was then assigned to the Helicopter Anti Submarine Squadron 6 in San Diego, CA. flying the Sykorski SH-3B missions.  From San Diego the squadron was sent to the Western Pacific in 1969 to conduct search and rescue missions. From there the squadron was diverted to Yankee Station off the coast of Vietnam to perform the same type missions.  The squadron received numerous awards for these missions.

in December of 1970 LCDR Scuro was selected to be part of the Recovery Team for the Apollo 14 Mission headed by Alan Sheppard. While co-piloting NW492 , also known as Swim 1,  they deployed members of the Navy Seals to attach the flotation devices and other apparatus to secure the Command Module and extract the Astronauts. During his presentation he gave many details of what occurred during te recovery mission. If there is ever a time that you hear LCDR Scuro is going to speak somewhere, be sure to hear his presentation. You will get all the inside information on the Apollo 14 mission,

LCDR. Scuro left active duty in 1971 after serving in the Navy for 23 years

After Michael’s military duties , he went on to receive his Masters Degree in Education and taught in several California High Schools

Michael Scuro talking about his Apollo 14 rescue mission.


Amigos de Guatemala Project

by Rudy Manzo

On August 19th Bob Hatmaker and his wife Jan were speakers at a combined Rotary/Soroptimist meeting. They gave an overview of what has transpired in the Amigos de Guatemala program. Their presentation included a slide show in which they showed the location of the village where most of the work of educating the children is taking place. Pictures of the students were shown and those Rotarian’s and Soroptimists who sponsor children had the opportunity to see their smiling faces.

Bob announced that they are stepping down as directors of the program, but the person taking over is extremely capable of handling the project and working with Rotary to make this be an ongoing international project. They thanked the Groveland Rotary Club for being the guiding force in this project with donations and assisting in getting Rotary grants to help move the educational process forward. Pictures were shown of the local students holding the dictionary that was given to them by the Groveland Rotary Club. These students are very proud of these books and are thankful that they have them. Groveland Rotary will continue as the head club in spearheading future Rotary Educational grants from Rotary International


Rotarians and Soroptimists listening to Bob Hatmaker’s presentation



Bob and Jan Hatmaker of Amigos de Quatemala


Groveland Rotary’s Shrimp and Sausage Fest

by Herman Schaap

The annual Groveland Rotary Shrimp and Sausage fest was once more a huge success.
We served about 300 guests and everybody had a great time. The band was outstanding  and the auction and raffle is always very popular. Our own Groveland Rotary member David Volponi won the raffle.  The proceeds of this event is used for our local projects, that include the Scholarships and the Dictionaries give away to the 3rd Graders.
The Groveland Rotary thanks everybody for their support.








Photos by:   Rudy Manzo