Scholarship awards evening at Tioga High

May 26 2017 was an important day for the Tioga High Seniors. Groveland Rotary awarded four Scholarships of $1500.00 each, record awards giving by the Groveland Rotary! The recipients were Austin Pruitt, Curtis Zwinge, Ian T Campbell and Michael Ridgley. Our interview team consisting out of Rudy Manzo, Jim Thayer, Wayne Phillips and Herman Schaap, talked to 11 students and it was difficult to make a choice, we found that all applicants were worthy of a Rotary Scholarship. Principal Ryan Dutton and Secretary Cindy Green did an outstanding job MC-ing the evening. Tioga High can be proud of the quality students they “produce”!
We wish all the students good luck in their future endeavors.

IMG_0732               Rudy Manzo and Herman Schaap awarding the Groveland Rotary Scholarships


                                   Groveland Service Organizations providing Scholarships


Photos and text by Herman Schaap


A Groveland family has a special needs child that communicates through signing. The family felt that a kid’s weight bench would help Daisy grow stronger. Daisy’s need was brought to the Groveland Rotary’s attention by one of our members, Jeff Thompson. Daisy and her family were invited to have lunch with our Rotarians and they surprised Daisy   with this colorful weight bench. As you can see there is total delight on her face. She was able to bring us grown ups, to tears of joy.

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Submitted by Sharon Hunt


Rotary with the help of Staples “Stuffs the Bus”

By Sharon Hunt

When the Tenaya Parent Club announced their Fifth Annual “Stuff the Bus” Campaign the Groveland Rotary took up the challenge. With $250 from the Rotary President’s fund and another $250 from passing the hat, Rudy Manzo, our Past President, headed for Staples. Darren, the Manager, loaded case after case on a moving pallet,  pencils, binder paper, crayons, glue sticks, colored pencils, markers, binders, dry erase markers, pocket folders, white glue, highlighters and copy paper for the teachers. When the final receipt was recorded, Rotary wrote a check for $500. The actual Staples retail bill was $1500. Yes, it was a great day with smiles and laughter and tears of joy. Wynette Hilton, the Principal of Tenaya Elementary School, was more than thrilled when Rotary unloaded their gifts. It goes without saying that we will be forever grateful for the generosity of Staples!

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 8.05.43 AM

From left to right, David Valponi, Rudy Manzo, Sharon Hunt and Wynette Hilton

New Storage Shed for Community Firewood Project

By Jim Goodrich
Groveland Rotary Club, Evangelical Free Church of Groveland, and Groveland Community Services District have a three-way partnership of supplying firewood to those people in our community who rely on it as their only source of heat in the winter months and have little money to pay for it. The church identifies those in need. GCSD provides the space to store wood, and Groveland Rotary Club splits and delivers the wood to those in need. Each year Rotary splits and delivers 10 to 15 cords of firewood to people in Groveland and Big Oak Flat.
Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 1.16.51 PMStoring the equipment that Groveland Rotary Club uses for this project had become a problem. But, through the generous contributions from members of our community, a new storage shed was constructed. Doug and Shane Leahy of Leahy and Sons Construction provided the concrete foundation and constructed the 10×10 foot shed. Alan Gaudenti, owner of PML Hardware in Big Oak Flat, provided all construction material. Kelly Moore Paints provided the paint for the shed. Through these generous people, we now have a safe and secure place to store the equipment needed to cut and split the firewood that keeps people warm in the winter. To these generous people, Groveland Rotary Club sends a big        THANK YOU!

Students Walk for Water

Chair and organizer Jim Goodrich

P1020275World Water Day was on March 22nd. For this occasions, Groveland Rotary Club teamed with the three schools in our local school district to raise money for a WASH-in-Schools project in the Niger River Delta region of Nigeria. Villages, in this primarily Christian region of southern Nigeria, are remote and have limited access to clean, safe drinking water. For lack of proper sanitation facilities, school kids often resort to open defecation to relieve themselves. For lack of proper sanitation and hygiene facilities, girls often drop out of school upon reaching puberty. A cross section of the pupils revealed skin and scalp fungal infections, as well as lice infections.
We selected as our project the Hussey Senior Secondary School (equivalent to a middle schools) near Warri, Nigeria. The project will consist of composting type vault toilets and a new water well and storage tank to supply clean drinking water at the school. The cost of the project is about $25,000 and will serve about 850 students (650 boys and 200 girls). Our kids raised over $2,000 in pledges during their Walk for Water held on March 14th, 15th and 16th. Groveland Rotary will contribute $2,000. These funds will be matched by Proctor & Gamble ($15,000), H2O for Life ($4,000), and a Nigerian Rotary Club ($1,000). The project will be constructed over the summer recess and will be on line when the children return to school in the fall.


Field trip for the Tenaya eight grade boys

photo 2The field trip for the Tenaya eighth grade boys was to the Groveland Ranger Station in Buck Meadows where they attended a lecture by the forest rangers, toured the facility, took a nature walk, and explored a fire engine. The field trip concluded with a hamburger BBQ prepared by Groveland Rotarians



photo 3photo 1

Text and photos by Barrett Giorgis